Workforce Communication

In today’s economy, the nature of many transactions combined with heightened employee concerns about key elements of their compensation packages – such as reduced equity rewards and retirement savings – has put increased pressure on management to ensure employees remain engaged.
During a major business transaction an anxious workforce can lose focus, disappoint customers, delay product launches and lower service levels, all of which erode the value of your investment. These concerns are equally material when undertaking significant organizational restructuring or other change.

A focused and engaged workforce mitigates this risk by stabilizing the business and providing a foundation for creating new value through the transaction. In fact, how well an organization helps employees deal with change directly drives business outcomes. LeadFirst addresses these challenges in two ways: first, by proactively managing executive and leadership communication throughout the organization to mitigate or prevent potentially disengaging issues from taking root, and second, by developing a comprehensive communication plan that enables employees to embrace the positive dimensions of the transaction or other enterprise change.

LeadFirst has expertise in managing the overall employee experience from the first announcement of intent to acquire right through to exit. We provide communication that builds from time-tested processes and content regarding:
  • What Day 1 means for employees in terms of their jobs, leaders, technology and work processes
  • Guidance for leaders and employees regarding retention
  • Support for planning and executing a workforce reduction
  • Transitioning from the old and introducing the new HR platforms, including compensation, benefits, policies and practices
  • Easing the transition to new technology platforms for e-mail, intranet, etc.
  • Site preparation for a flawless Day 1 – receptionists, mail rooms, event planning and more

We bring new solutions, market-tested approaches and a disciplined methodology to workforce communication comprised of best practices for managing the employee experience.

Credible communications, customized tools and broad experience have enabled us to add value by effectively mitigating the risk of a confused and/or anxious workforce, no matter how the transaction or enterprise change is structured or time-constrained.
Metrics That Matter Brief Description of Applicable Metrics
Culture Integration Speed of alignment of each of the merged company’s cultures to “Preferred Future” using Diialog Organizational Culture PROfile.
Accretion Value Longitudinal measure of the gap to stated accretion value target.
Employee Productivity Improvement As measured by change in per capita sales, EBITDA or Market Capitalization from Time 1 to Time 2.
Employee Retention Unplanned employee attrition reduction from Time 1 to Time 2, including a financial impact calculation.
Key Stakeholder Testimonials Stakeholder verbatim regarding observed behavior change and/or business improvement.
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