Vision of Leadership

The objective of this program is to maximize employee engagement through a clear and compelling vision and alignment of purpose and direction. In today’s global, turbulent business environment, leaders face higher degrees of skepticism, anxiety and apathy. This program is designed to help leaders break though the malaise to create a clear and compelling vision that engages employees’ hearts and minds and motivates productive action. Authentic human connection is the dynamic most missing from and most craved in today’s work environment. This program helps leaders make this vital connection and harness the energy it creates for a more successful organization. 

The program begins by helping participants discover their own vision for the future; one that is tied to and supports the overall company, but is personal and specific to his or her role and sphere of influence. It must be something about which the leader feels real passion and be important to the organization’s success. It then enables participants to find their own voice – their own way of communicating this vision. Successful leaders have widely divergent communication styles. No one style is “right” for communicating authentically. The key is for each of us to find our own authentic voice.

Finally the program helps leaders craft their specific leadership message both for formal settings and everyday encounters. Much of leadership is the art of language and this program helps participants craft language that cuts through the clutter and mobilizes everyone to engage like never before. Included are the following sub-topics:
  • The Power of Vision
  • Developing your vision based on your passion for change – individual and small group activity
  • Communicating with authenticity
  • Developing and communicating your leadership message
  • Action Planning
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