The 4 Kinds of Change

In today’s environment, few organizations can escape the forces of change. But in addressing substantive change, leaders are often torn between two gravitational forces: the constancy and urgency of just executing and improving the organization as it is, and the growing realization that what they are doing may not be a sufficient response to a changing world.

Some leaders fail to respond and fail their organizations while others emerge transformed; better prepared to meet the current challenges and more agile in taking on any challenge. Research has shown that there are four types and levels of organizational change, each with its unique requirements and leadership challenges. This module prepares leaders to:
  • Fully understand and appreciate the unique requirements and challenges of each kind of change
  • Identify which kind of change they are facing and the implications for both their leadership and their organizations
  • Prepare themselves and their organizations to meet the challenge posed by the changes they face
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