TalentSEARCH™: A New Order in Senior Management Sourcing & Selection

The executive search business model has essentially remained static for 40 years and is broken. LeadFirst is transforming the industry through its TalentSEARCH™ senior management sourcing and selection engagement model, an approach that significantly outperforms traditional search services on ALL of the critical success criteria: Quality, Speed, Risk and Cost.

Disturbing Stats: Executive search statistics support the hypothesis that traditional search practices are grossly ineffective. According to several industry studies, more than 50% of senior managers recruited from outside an organization quit, are pushed out, or are fired within 24 months. The most recent, credible study of 20,000 placements revealed that 40% were out the door within 18 months.
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So, from the client’s perspective, 50% of the investment in external search has resulted in a hiring mistake, a number that should be multiplied 5X to account for intangible costs. In the prevailing senior manager search and selection business model, the probability of producing the desired result is the same as a tossed coin falling to heads. For most businesses, a 50% failure rate would cause the rapid demise of the business, so why would you be content with this failure rate when managing your most important asset, executive talent?

Enter TalentSEARCH™, an innovative approach that draws upon LeadFirst’s 32 years in leader selection, succession and development, executive team development, and organizational culture measurement & management.

TalentSEARCH™ broadens the definition of search, to include executive transition. TalentSEARCH™ is superior to the prevailing approaches on the front-end, in the middle, and through the conclusion of the transition.

TalentSEARCH™ delivers four transformative benefits:
  1. Quality – Autopsies on hundreds of failed senior management searches point to misalignment among hiring stakeholders on the characteristics and competencies that define the job. TalentSEARCH™ includes a proprietary methodology that aligns the hiring stakeholder team on the characteristics that define the “ideal” candidate. This alignment clearly identifies the “center of the bull’s eye” for the search thereby producing higher quality candidates. After an executive has accepted an offer, TalentSEARCH™ continues the transition process by developing a First 100-Day Transition Plan that includes a series of 1 X 1 transition coaching sessions with the newly-seated executive. As an option, this plan can be informed by the results of a comprehensive culture assessment that will reduce the chance of executive “organ rejection”.
  2. Speed – The alignment method described above, along with our continuously maintained database of senior leader talent and relationship-building systems enables us to identify “ready-now” candidates far more quickly than prevailing search methods.
  3. Risk – So confident are we in TalentSEARCH™, that we have absorbed much of the risk that you have historically borne in traditional searches. Whereas traditional industry practice is to offer some concession on “re-doing” the search should the newly-seated executive leave during their first year in office, we guarantee the “stick-rate” for 18 months.
  4. Cost – In stark relief to the traditional search firm pricing model of 33% of the placed executive’s first-year cash compensation, TalentSEARCH™ is offered on a flat-fee basis. This flat fee applies to placed executives in three compensation bands and, relative to traditional executive searches, yields a savings of between 27% and 60%. For example, the TalentSEARCH™ fee for a placement of an executive with first-year cash compensation of $250,000 is 27% more economical than traditional search services. The savings for a $600,000 executive is 50%.
Advantages in Quality, Speed, Risk, and Cost…give us a call to discuss TalentSEARCH™ for your next critical hire. Or, just flip a coin.
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