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LeadFirst brings a decidedly quantitative approach to Human Resources and Human Capital management opportunities and challenges for companies across industries and around the world. LeadFirst’s TalentFORCE Analytics Group collaborates with CEOs, CHROs, CFOs, Boards of Directors, private equity firms, and hedge funds to optimize human equity value in a way that drives shareholder value.

For most companies, total workforce cost is the largest operating expense, therefore it is imperative that management deeply understands and reports on the productivity of this crucial intangible asset. Human Resources executives have a unique and significant opportunity – and responsibility – to create Human Equity Value. 
LeadFirst’s Human Equity Value System enables executive and governance teams to know, with certainty, the answers to the following questions:

  • What is the impact of your largest operating expense – total workforce cost – on shareholder value (over time and relative to your competition)?
  • How can you integrate human equity measures with credible GAAP measures?
  • How do you track and improve human capital value creation across the talent lifecycle?
  • What is the impact of organizational culture on profit, productivity and total human equity value? How do you define and measure your culture? Is there a gap between your Actual culture and your Required culture?
  • What is the relative human equity value across your job classifications?
  • What are your most potent drivers (causal factors) of human equity value? That is, how do you create value most efficiently?
  • How can you elevate the stature of HR and its influence from a shareholder value perspective?

LeadFirst brings to clients an unbiased perspective, the cutting edge of technology, and a reputation for enhancing the credibility of human resources professionals with senior line executives, boards and investors.
Examples of other recent TalentFORCE work include:
  • Estimating future staff requirements based on state-of-the-art economic models;
  • Evaluating the productivity of individual sites or multi-sites of chain operations;
  • Analyzing the pros and cons of alternative geographic areas for organizations considering relocation or expansion in terms of labor availability, labor cost, real estate costs, etc.;
  • Projecting changes in membership levels for subscriber organizations;
  • Determining the advisability of centralization or decentralization of business operations.
LeadFirst brings to clients an unbiased perspective, the cutting edge of technology, and a commitment to obtain actionable results. We are proud of our reputation for creative achievement and quality production on the issues facing managers and planners today – and tomorrow.

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