TalentFORCE Development

LeadFirst reviewed and evaluated the entire civilian personnel appraisal, review, promotion, and development system of a large federal agency. Our work included collecting opinions from employees and managers at all levels, comparing existing systems to the future direction of the organization, and to state-of-the-art approaches for career development. We were able to advise the client on ways which would:
  • simplify the appraisal and review systems for the managers, and,
  • make the system more understandable to employees.
Career development, once considered an occasional refresher course or seminar, is rapidly becoming a primary management responsibility due to declining numbers in the workforce and the rapid rate of technological change. The thoughtful manager must take a comprehensive view toward the employee group with an eye toward constantly upgrading as well as broadening the skill base.

LeadFirst provides assistance in this area through both qualitative and quantitative tools.

On the qualitative side, LeadFirst staff members lead managerial representatives through progressive interview stages to identify the overall direction of the organization and the skills and specializations required to support that direction. Training and development systems, incentive methodologies, and career broadening opportunities are then assessed in terms of adequacy and relevance to the determined direction. The adequacy and relevance of career enhancement systems are also evaluated from the employee perspective through attitudinal surveys or focus groups.

LeadFirst’s quantitative analysts view career development from a work force composition perspective. Our analysts examine the workforce in terms of skill mix, demographics, and observed propensities of certain groups to stay or leave. From these analyses we can explain and make recommendations on numerous cause/effect relationships. We recommend strategies for development, salary, and hiring adjustments to ensure correct staffing levels and skills to support the organization’s future direction.
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