Advanced Human Capital™

Organizational Culture Assessment

Ankura’s Diialog™ organizational culture assessment makes it easier than ever before to measure and manage your organization’s culture. Diialog™, a next-generation organizational performance management system, uses a secure, highly-engaging social media platform to define your organization’s current culture, sub-cultures and counter-cultures, as well as the culture your executive team defines as required to execute its strategic plan.

Diialog™ engages everyone in the culture conversation, bottom-up and top-down. Diialog’s™ real-time segmentation tools and online dashboards put you in the driver’s seat, enabling you to view your culture through any demographic or structural lens you like. As a management application, Diialog™ pinpoints the highest-leverage issues, in impact order, that, when addressed, will promote the culture required to execute your business plan.

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