Advanced Human Capital™

Leader Development and Executive Coaching

Developing executive leaders, given the scope of their impact, is central to business success. However, the return on investment of such initiatives is notoriously poor. Senior leaders are typically bright, experienced, and impatient. As such, they are skeptical of “soft” human resources initiatives that, in their experience, often lack clarity, rigor, and tangible benefit. Whether one-on-one coaching or in group sessions, the focus is typically on providing general skills or concepts for being an effective leader.

Ankura’s approach is different. We see leader development as more akin to “installing an offense” than simply teaching skills. We call this the leadership framework; a compilation of principles, skills and best practices which define great leadership specific to the client’s strategy, culture, and business context. The question isn’t simply “What is good leadership?” but, rather, “What defines successful leaders in executing our business strategy in this specific business context?” Whether in coaching or group sessions, the effect is a tailored approach that achieves both executive credibility and business success.

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