Advanced Human Capital™

Leader Assessment

We have assessed 36,000+ leaders during the past three decades, using a suite of competency-based, stylistic, and psychometric approaches, to serve both leader selection and leader development objectives. Using analysis of variance (ANOVA) testing and cause-and-effect modeling, we have discovered the combination of characteristics that distinguish leaders from managers, and those that cause leadership effectiveness in a variety of situations and business cycles.

Leadership matters. It impacts culture, teams, and individuals. It impacts an organization’s results. It’s highly situational. It’s both intuitive and intentional.

To accelerate leader development, our suite of assessments helps professionals to understand how their behavior is perceived. We present leaders with rich and meaningful insights that often spark an intrinsic desire for change and growth. We help leaders determine and fully use their strengths, and identify new behaviors that will help them achieve the new outcomes they desire. The result is improved and sustained leadership behavior – the leader, the team, and the organization all benefit.

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