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Improving Senior Team Effectiveness

Resources spent on senior team development have a cascading effect. Top team performance creates exponential value for the organization through its influence on strategy, people, and processes. Top team decisions and actions have a ripple effect that can impact dozens or hundreds of employees, positively changing business performance for the entire department, business unit, or enterprise. Likewise, the impact of poor top team functioning can have a devastating impact on performance and organizational culture.

Engaging a company’s most senior leaders to improve their effectiveness, as individuals or as a team, can be daunting. These executives are, by nature, skeptical and their time is valuable. The standard for success for such initiatives is high. But the rewards for the individual leaders, the team, and the organization are significant.

Ankura has deep expertise, cultivated over three decades of research and practice, in developing senior leadership teams and the individuals on them. Our success derives from a combination of four factors:

  1. Our ability to foster executive credibility through our demonstrated understanding of their business context.
  2. The ability to confront leaders with difficult truths, even while deepening our relationships with them.
  3. The refined competencies we have developed, over three decades of practice, in the fields of coaching, team development, and culture.
  4. The ability to measure both the need and the impact of such initiatives.
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