Louis Lemieux

Louis Lemieux is an Executive Consultant with Leadfirst. Louis is an innovative change management leader and senior consultant with twenty-three years of extensive experience in all aspects of talent and business management with a focus on employee development, leadership, engagement as well as corporate culture. He has worked in a variety of industries including Technology, Healthcare, Biotech, Big 4 Consulting, Public Relations/Advertising, Oil/Gas/Petrochemicals, Academic Medicine/Higher Education, Online Marketing Analytics, and Entertainment. The companies he's worked with range from start-ups and turn-arounds, IPO's and mergers & acquisitions to global, multinational firms.
Louis also has extensive cross-cultural and international personal and professional experience having been raised in Africa and Asia and as an expatriate working in more than 45+ countries while living in ten in his career. He has a deep understanding of the dynamics and challenges that companies face building industry leading talent functions and he has developed a key instinct and methodology in assessment and value creation as related to human capital.
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