Points of View

We invite you to download and circulate our research papers and monographs.
Firms of Endearment Summary

A summary of LeadFirst’s latest book describing how a group of exemplar firms with broad stakeholder models and exceptional Organizational Capital profiles have outperformed the Good to Great companies as well as the S&P 500 by wide margins.
CEO Questioning

This paper presents the benefits of balancing a problem solving approach to leadership with a more positive “possibility thinking” mentality. Both are important, but focusing exclusively on problems – what is broken and how to fix it – is not a path to greatness. The paper presents evidence of the benefits of a balanced approach and provides specific implementation guidance through the questions leaders ask and the dialogue they create.
Customer Value Governance

Customer Value, like Organizational Culture, is an intangible asset that contributes mightily to a firm’s shareholder value. As an intangible asset, it is typically under-represented on a firm’s books yet is crucial to its success. This paper makes the case for Customer Value as a reliable predictor of shareholder value and poses a practical approach to measuring it.
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