Performance Management Excellence

Performance Management Excellence (PME) is a robust appraisal system that has been customized for each client organization. It is based on the rating of 21 core competencies that are universal indicators of competent performance in most jobs. The Performance Management Exellence process allows for the creation and monitoring of work and employee development goals, and for various types of open-ended feedback aimed at helping employees to identify and overcome specific development challenges. The program is highly modular and contains a number of high impact skill building sessions.

The PME program addresses a “full-cycle” performance management process and includes the following topics:
  • Performance Management Excellence (PME) – Overview
  • Goal Setting Within PME
  • The Performance Management Cycle
  • Rating Scales (Definitions)
  • The Full Cycle of Productive Communications
  • Appraisal Interview and Draft
  • A Constructive Approach Critical Feedback
  • Appraiser’s Responsibility
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