George Kettner, Ph.D.

Dr. Kettner is Senior Reserach Associate and directs LeadFirst’s TalentFORCE Analytics group. His work focuses on facilitating the strategic decision-making of top management, performance measurement, capital investment planning and analysis, customer and culture profiling, market research, and other areas to support the decision-making of management.

George has coordinatied statistical client engagements with First USA Bank, American Express, and The Hartford Insurance Group to develop customer acquisition and retention models and causal path models which link customer perceptions and behavior to financial performance. This work applies the most advanced statistical tools available to best understand the interplay between a multiplicity of variables and relationships.

His recent work also includes the development of a capital budgeting guide, survey of best practices in capital investment methodologies, and capital investment analysis for particular large investment proposals. George has directed the development of decision support software for linking capital investment proposals to strategic goals and prioritizing such proposals. The software is based on the Economic Risk-Adjusted Present Value Economic Risk-Adjusted Present Value technique and provides users with a decision framework to incorporate management value judgments as well as hard quantitative data into decision-making. He has personally facilitated the prioritizing of capital investment proposals in meetings of senior management of organizations whose investment budgets can be measured in billions of dollars.

Dr. Kettner earned an M.A. equivalent (Economics), C. Phil. (Economics), and Ph.D. (Economics: Theory, Econometrics, Public Finance, Labor Economics) from the University of California, Los Angeles. He has held the positions of Chief Economist and Technical Director, Syllogistics, Inc.; Senior Operations Researcher, Information Spectrum, Inc.; and Principal Scientist, General Research Corp. He has 25 years of experience in economics, econometric modeling, management consulting, and customer research.
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