Petra Platzer, PhD

Petra Platzer, PhD

Petra Platzer is an Executive Consultant with Leadfirst. Petra collaborates with partners and clients to deliver executive coaching and leadership development programs to executives, clinical leaders and their teams. Her commitment is to unlock new thinking and create courageous steps forward to achieve their desired outcomes in their complex and transforming systems.

With over 17 years of experience in the healthcare and academic research settings as a transforming leader and culture change agent, Petra has a deep understanding of the challenges facing executives and healthcare leadership today.  

Petra is an executive coach specializing in leadership, communication, strategy, decision-making, shared leadership and team dynamics. Her coaching work embarks on a developmental journey leveraging a variety of tools and frameworks, including adult ego development, neuroscience, polarity management, and creative dialogues.  

As a consultant, Petra leverages her leadership, coaching and organizational development experience to deliver customized approaches and experiential learning that develop the internal capacity of the people, processes and structures. The result is a sustainable framework that can continue to grow beyond the engagement. 

One of Petra’s strengths is to facilitate dialogues and mutual understanding among cross-functional groups without being impeded by her own “personal agenda”. Her process involves deep listening, involving stakeholders, understanding the organization’s ecosystem on multiple levels, organizing the complexities, and engaging everyone to create and commit to actions. The outcome is a transformative way of working together to achieve the larger mission.

Petra is a certified Leadership Coach through Georgetown’s Institute for Transformational Leadership and a member of the International Coaching Federation. She holds a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology and Genetics from Kent State University and a B.S. from Virginia Tech. She is co-inventor on a patent, has multiple publications in peer-reviewed journals and received numerous awards acknowledging her technical and engaging leadership skills. Notably, Petra was named “Woman of the Year – Forward Thinker” by Glamour magazine and Toyota in 2005. 

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