Managing Strategic Initiatives

This program addresses the common “too many initiatives” problem by aligning and mobilizing leaders around those initiatives that are “right” for the strategic ambition. MSI helps leaders collaboratively identify those initiatives they believe will achieve their goals and agree on the fate of lesser projects, including the retirement of projects.

Various exercises and discussions will demonstrate how business leaders and strategists can learn to master the complexity of resource allocation and initiative deployment across competing opportunities with different objectives, potential rates of return, risk profiles, constraints and dependencies. MSI is particularly helpful when deployed in the following areas:

  • Strategic Programs
  • Group Innovation Sessions
  • Product Management
  • Research & Development/New Product Development
  • Information Technology Options and Opportunities
  • Capital Investment

At the conclusion of this course, leaders will be able to assess the risk and potential value of each initiative in a “portfolio” of initiatives and make trade-off decisions associated with organizational resources and implementation capacity restraints. This program supports the participants’ ability to make evaluative decisions relating to the viability of a “basket” of initiatives, including.

  • Long-term vs. short-term balance
  • Stakeholder balance across the five key stakeholder categories
  • Initiative valuation
  • Initiative business, financial, reputational and operational risk
  • Implementation capacity
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