Leading Change

Few things are more important or more challenging to a leader than leading change initiatives. This imminently practical and interactive program equips participants with the skills, tools and knowledge to identify the right change, craft an implementation and communication plan for the proposed change, and execute that plan.

The program begins with a review of the issues surrounding change in modern organizations and an overview of the types or categories of change which most leaders must deal.

With these insights in mind, participants complete a change assessment tool that provides insights to their natural responses, or reactions, to change and the types with which they are most comfortable. They then learn the 6 most common mistakes in managing change as well as a proven, 8 step process for leading it effectively.

Finally, participants learn the Polarity Management model, a proven tool for identifying, selecting and communicating change initiatives. They use this model to more clearly define and develop a change they want to initiate and practice communicating this real world change.
  • The Dynamics of Change
  • The six most common mistakes in managing change
  • The Change Management Process
  • Polarity Management: a proven approach to identifying and communication change initiatives
  • Action Planning
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