Our Mission & Shared Values

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Our Mission

To generate the maximum return on our client's Human Capital for the benefit of society worldwide. We will do this by developing the leadership capabilities of senior managers and management teams; promoting magnetic organizational cultures and highly productive workplaces; and applying state-of-the science analytics and best practices to measurably improve business execution. We will develop 100,000 senior leaders, thereby positively influencing a minimum of 1 million lives.

Shared Values

  • Do enthusiastically promote our clients and their companies. Speak of them with great gratitude and good will.
  • Do faithfully keep agreements, or renegotiate them upon first awareness that they may not be honored.
  • Do treat each team member as though they are volunteering their services to LeadFirst.
  • Do rely on objective data analysis to promote the plans we co-create with our clients.
  • Do live from our preferred future state; live our ideals.
  • Do track our progress with performance metrics and our success in terms of the number of lives we change for the better through our work.
  • Do hook potential solutions to identified problems.
  • Do confront issues directly with the person or persons most likely to resolve the issue.
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