Leadership Development Programs

Leadership Development Programs

LeadFirst’ comprehensive library of 43 middle- and senior-management developmental programs, from sophisticated assessment-driven workshops to cleverly designed on-line programs, is rooted in an approach to development drawn form our many years of senior leadership & business coaching with the executives of scores of companies. These leaders are among the most demanding of audiences and meeting their high standards has put us in good stead to develop compelling and highly interactive programs for managers, supervisors and team leaders.

LeadFirst has developed more than 32,000 leaders through its various programs. Developing energizing programs that create sustainable behavior change is, in part, a question of integrating the science of adult learning and curriculum design with the art of facilitation and presentation. In its 30+ years of continuous operation, LeadFrist has worked with scores of organizations to create and refine both classroom and on-line learning experiences for leaders from the c-suite to front-line management.
We currently have a structured leadership curriculum, grounded in competency-based tracks, that is comprised of offerings that address a wide array of leadership needs and opportunities. The core of this curriculum is our Perspective on Leadership series — an assessment-driven program designed to establish a foundation of leadership capability and a plan that will drive the development journey for each participant.

But driving sustainable behavior change requires more than great programs. The infrastructure of leader behavior change — how the program is introduced, how participants are selected, follow-up support and coaching, reinforcement, standards of accountability, and progress measurement — is at least as important as the program itself.  This is where LeadFirst has excelled — co-creating developmental objectives with our clients, taking baseline measures of the current state, and then delivering on the agreed upon improvement objectives.

We back all of our work with a  Performance Guarantee, which is unmatched in the consulting industry. Simply stated, LeadFirst unconditionally guarantees its work. If any service fails to deliver on agree-upon objectives, we will refund the full amount paid for that service.

Please see the curricula matrix below and click on any program title to see a brief description of that program. We invite you to contact us to learn more about any program, or to learn how multiple programs may be best integrted to address a specific organizational issue.

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