Leader Development

For over three decades, LeadFirst has partnered with organizations that understand the fundamental advantage of developing the leadership qualities of their management teams; those visionary companies that have made a choice to invest in maximizing their return on talent capital.

The LeadFirst leader development process provides accessible, transferable techniques and viewpoints that enable leadership behavior that achieves business objectives and creates high-performance work places. Through our research with scores of organizations and more than 32,000 senior leaders, we have found that successful initiatives are achieved through strong leadership, while failures can be traced to its absence.

Metrics That Matter Brief Description of Applicable Metris
Participant Reaction, Satisfaction, & Planned Action Measures leader’s reaction to the program and outlines specific plans for implementation.
Learning Measures skills, knowledge, or attitude changes.
Application & Implementation Measures changes in on-the-job behavior and specific application and implementation.
Business Impact Measures business impact of the intervention.
Return on Investment (ROI) Compares the monetary value of the results with the costs for the program, usually expressed as a percentage.
Employee Productivity Improvement As measured by change in per capita sales, EBITDA or Market Capitalization from Time 1 to Time 2.
Employee Retention Unplanned employee attrition reduction from Time 1 to Time 2, including a financial impact calculation.
Leadership Assessment Results Time 1 baseline to Time 2 re-measure on Leadership PROfile-360 and/or Diialog Leadership 3-D 360 Dashboard results.
Culture Assessment Results Time 1 baseline to Time 2 re-measure on Diialog Organizational Culture PROfile.
Decision Effectiveness Improvement Time 1 baseline to Time 2 re-measure of decision quality, velocity, execution and friction.
Team Cohesion and Effectiveness Time 1 baseline to Time 2 re-measure on Team Alignment, Communication, Conflict Management, Innovation, Process, Team Orientation, and Trust
Key Stakeholder Testimonials Stakeholder verbatim regarding observed behavior change and/or business improvement.

LeadFirst has invested heavily to empirically understand the relationships between leadership and business outcomes, including financial performance. We know “what great leadership looks like”, from a business outcomes perspective. Consequently, we are able to cut through the misinformation and myths that often lead managers astray to ensure they are developing the right competencies, at the right time, and in the right sequence.

Our leader development processes are designed to promote high-performance organizations by creating extreme clarity about objectives and through effective communication, decision-making, problem-solving, risk-taking, performance feedback and follow-through.

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