Leader Assessment

Leader Assessment

Developing Leadership Critical Mass

  • What does great leadership “look like” in your organization?
  • What is expected of your leaders?
  • How effective are your leaders as compared to the best of the best among 32,000 leaders across sectors and industries?
  • How self-aware are your leaders…what are their known and hidden leadership strengths?
  • Are your leaders aware of their Primary and Secondary leadership approaches? Do they consciously choose their approach, or does the approach choose them?
  • How do your leaders perform in each of the “Pentathlon” of critical leader behaviors?

    These are the essential questions that need answers if you are to build a high-performance, leadership organization.

    The LP-360° reveals the extent to which an individual’s current leadership pattern is task oriented (management), people oriented (leadership), or a more effective balance of the two. It reveals the individual leader’s self-perception of their leadership practice, their effectiveness in “managing up” to their manager, and their influence on peers and direct reports. The LP-360° reveals both the leader’s primary and backup leadership patterns, and how quickly they move from their primary to their backup. Additionally, segment measures reveal the leader’s competence in a variety of specific leadership skills and situations.

    LeadFirst’s proprietary Leadership PROfile-360™ (LP-360°) furnishes empirical answers to these and other essential questions of individual leader competence and capability across a spectrum of possibilities. The LP-360° is a valid, reliable and stable multi-rater assessment that has been administered to thousands of experienced managers (top-2 bands of management structure & emerging leaders). ANOVA, factor and correlation analysis is conducted annually to determine the skills and competencies most relevant to driving desirable business and organizational outcomes, i.e., business results.
    Metrics That Matter Brief Description of Applicable Metrics
    Participant Reaction, Satisfaction, & Planned Action Measures leader’s reaction to the program and outlines specific plans for implementation.
    Learning Measures skills, knowledge, or attitude changes.
    Application & Implementation Measures changes in on-the-job behavior and specific application and implementation.
    Leadership Assessment Results Time 1 baseline to Time 2 re-measure on Leadership PROfile-360 and/or Diialog Leadership 3-D 360 Dashboard results.
    Decision Effectiveness Improvement Time 1 baseline to Time 2 re-measure of decision quality, velocity, execution and friction.
    Team Cohesion and Effectiveness Time 1 baseline to Time 2 re-measure on Team Alignment, Communication, Conflict Management, Innovation, Process, Team Orientation, and Trust
    Key Stakeholder Testimonials Stakeholder verbatim regarding observed behavior change and/or business improvement.
    View the Description of LeadFirst’s Diialog 3-D 360 Leadership Dashboard™

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