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In this eBook, Gerry McDonough references decades of experience working with companies managing organizational culture to:
Identify the business outcomes that LeadFirst’s researchers have revealed are directly influenced by organizational culture.
Describe what LeadFirst’s research team has discovered as the key characteristics of a
performance culture, one that attracts, engages, and inspires people, and liberates a greater
proportion of individual and team discretionary effort and accountability.
Identify the specific drivers, or causal factors, that have a disproportionate impact on promoting a performance culture.

Endorsements / Testimonials:

Great article that highlights the impact culture has on employee and therefore organizational performance. In my experience, I've rarely seen mid to senior career employees fail or leave a company due to lack of technical skills or knowledge. What drives leaders out of organizations-- either voluntarily or not-- is either the inability to lead others effectively or the lack of fit with the organization's culture. Culture is a true performance differentiator!

Senior Vice President, Enterprise Leadership Development
Thanks for sharing this perspective into organizational culture and it's impact on employees and business. As much as we hear non the topic very little of it seems to make it's way throughout an organization, and we all pay the price for that. Thanks for adding to the dialog in a creative way!

Director of Decision Analytics and Business Strategy for IHS
Spot on Gerry! It's amazing how a "culture of collaboration" can generate huge amounts of innovation and corporate value. Transformation from Silo-ization to Thinking-in- Systems results in teams being developed from across the enterprise (and even outside the enterprise) that are competent to overcome a specific challenge.

President of a Marketing and Advertising Companyt
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