Diialog 3-D 360° Leadership Dashboard

The Challenge: There is a gap between how leaders are developed and how their success is ultimately measured. 

Most leadership development is based upon an assessment of the leader’s behavior, qualities and traits. These are, at best, leading indicators of that leader’s potential for success. They are helpful. They matter. But their causal relationship to business outcomes is tenuous and difficult to prove.

In the end, most leaders are, in fact, measured on results; outcomes involving revenue, profit, cost, sales, cycle times and the like. These are, of course, critical. But they are lagging indicators of the leader’s success and may have occurred despite, or independent of, the leader’s effectiveness. Any sports coach will tell you they can’t be fairly judged by the scoreboard of a single game or even a single season. What lay in the gap between leader effectiveness and business success is organizational effectiveness.

Great leaders create great organizations.
Every team has a culture, a set of norms that determine behavior under various operating conditions. Every organizational member is consciously, or subconsciously, asking the same question: “What behaviors does it take to survive, fit in and thrive in this organization?” These behavioral norms tend to emerge over time, often without thoughtful leadership consideration. These norms powerfully influence organizational behavior which measurably determines performance relative to the following performance outcomes:
  •     Decision quality and velocity
  •     Decision execution
  •     Accountability
  •     Team trust
  •     Innovation
  •     Team member engagement (discretionary effort)
The Diialog 3-D 360° Leadership Dashboard™ enables leaders to see their leadership influence more clearly and broadly than traditional multi-rater assessments. It enables the leader to see their influence through the lens of their team’s business performance, and relative to the average team and benchmark exemplar teams. If there is a gap between the actual vs. desired or high-performance teams, Diialog provides the leader with a precision pathway toward high-performance leadership. LeadFirst’s Leader Development Series is expressly designed to help leaders address the structural, policy and skill impediments to performance and to develop the skills that enable the team to achieve breakthrough performance.

The Diialog 3-D 360° Leadership Dashboard™ leads to rigorous organizational effectiveness measures and action factors, and an explicit plan for leadership action, including structural, process, policy and skills development. This approach has produced impressive results.
LeadFirst TalentFORCE Analytics has conducted numerous empirical studies of leadership and team performance in various industries and at different organizational levels. In most cases, these were large-scale, longitudinal studies that included senior-level leaders and their teams as experimental vs. control groups. In each of these studies, significant improvements were observed at the individual, team and business unit levels, including:
  • Decision quality
  • Improved sales performance (year-over-year, or comparables)
  • Innovation (commercially viable ideas)
  • Team member engagement
  • Agility (decision implementation speed)
  • Team trust and accountability
  • Customer/client satisfaction and propensity for repeat business
For senior mangers serious about taking their leadership to the next level, the Diialog 3-D 360° Leadership Dashboard™ provides an outside-in, continuous feedback loop for effective and efficient development.
Metrics That Matter Brief Description of Applicable Metrics
Participant Reaction, Satisfaction, & Planned Action Measures leader’s reaction to the program and outlines specific plans for implementation.
Learning Measures skills, knowledge, or attitude changes.
Application & Implementation Measures changes in on-the-job behavior and specific application and implementation.
Leadership Assessment Results Time 1 baseline to Time 2 re-measure on Leadership PROfile-360 and/or Diialog Leadership 3-D 360 Dashboard results.
Decision Effectiveness Improvement Time 1 baseline to Time 2 re-measure of decision quality, velocity, execution and friction.
Team Cohesion and Effectiveness Time 1 baseline to Time 2 re-measure on Team Alignment, Communication, Conflict Management, Innovation, Process, Team Orientation, and Trust
Key Stakeholder Testimonials Stakeholder verbatim regarding observed behavior change and/or business improvement.
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