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Organizational culture is an intangible asset that affects performance and growth of companies. However, this asset is rarely measured or managed as would a balance sheet asset. We now know, through extensive longitudinal research, correlation and regression analysis that organizational culture can be defined and measured with precision, can be promoted through intentional leadership, and powerfully impacts company performance.

This comprehensive whitepaper will:
  • Demonstrate the relationship between organizational culture and performance at the individual, team and enterprise levels including employee productivity by Sales, EBIT, and/or Shareholder Value.
  • Provide an overview of relevant and comprehensive research supporting these conclusions.
  • Review the types of organizational culture characteristics and how they relate to corporate performance.
  • Review the current best practices for efficiently and effectively measuring and managing culture, as well as identifying early signs of culture erosion.
  • Review the Organizational Culture Cause-and-Effect Model to determine the cause-and-effect actions and reactions that form and promote an organization's culture.
  • Discuss the connection between specific types of leadership and high-performing cultures.

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