Organizational Culture Measurement & Management System


LeadFirst is a respected human capital consulting firm focused on organizational culture, team and leader development. We recognize that, from afar, most consulting firms are hard to differentiate; we all sound much the same. Here’s what we believe makes us different.

We have a  30+ year track record of achieving business results. As with our clients, we begin and end our conversation with results. We believe the results we have co-created with our clients distinguish us from most other firms

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The Diialog Culture Measurement & Management System™ makes it easier than ever before to measure and manage your organization’s culture. Diialog™, a next-generation organizational performance measurement system, uses a safe, secure and highly engaging social media platform upon which to define your organization’s preferred culture, as well as your present culture, sub-cultures and counter-cultures…

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The Growing GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) Gap

Thirty five years ago, book value, as presented in the balance sheets of U.S. companies was, on average, around 95% of the market value of those companies. In 2010, book value was just 20% of market value; “intangible assets”, most notably Organizational Culture, accounts for a large proportion of this GAAP Gap in most industries.

The jury’s in on the influence of organizational culture on business outcomes, including financial performance. A myriad of well-designed, well-executed, peer-reviewed research studies reveals the clear and direct impact culture has on business performance in all economic cycles…

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