Confidential Executive Coaching

Structured, assessment-based, coaching for high-potential, highly influential talent, or recently promoted senior leaders will increase the probability of their success and their ability to have an immediate, positive impact on operational results.

Leadership behavior coaching is the largest practice category in LeadFirst’s portfolio of coaching services. The focus is on the leader’s behaviors, style, vision, and practice. The LeadFirst coach works with the client to understand and optimize his or her effectiveness in key relationships. Often, but not always, the one-by-one coaching intervention is part of a large development process that involves other elements of the LeadFirst leader development system.

Outcomes include:
  • Immediately identify the client-executive’s underlying personality traits that will promote or inhibit swift adaptation to the new operating environment
  • Quickly identify the executive’s leadership pattern as well as the patterns of other key leaders with whom the coachee will interface
  • Develop a comprehensive, yet concisely documented, one-year precision plan for success
  • Develop collaborative relationships with key stakeholders and gain clarity of others’ organizational point of view
  • Deliver early results to establish credibility
  • Support new leaders who are challenged with leading change in difficult environments with tactics and strategies for success
  • Enable the coachee to discern between problems to be solved vs. polarities to be managed
  • Present a framework that enables the client-leader to communicate the need for change in a way that will increase the adoption rate in excess of 200%.
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