Commercial Creativity

Peter Drucker: “Business has just two functions, innovation and marketing.” What is the future of your business? While we can’t be certain as to the specifics, we do know that it is going to involve a lot more high velocity change. The ability of an organization to respond to rapid, relentless, continuous change that will increasingly define its future success is vital. More vital still is the ability to create the future through creativity and innovation. But, creativity and innovation is not enough. The product of the innovative process must be an operationally viable solution. Commercial Creativity ensures that your organization’s innovative processes yield operationally viable solutions.

Commercial Creativity is a three-part workshop that can be delivered all at once, or in three separate sessions. The learning content of Commercial Creativity can be delivered “generically,” or it can focus an innovation team on specific innovation outcomes. The three parts of the workshop cover the following topics:

  • Commercial Creativity: The Research Base
  • Priming the Pump
  • Testing & Refining the Commercial Concept
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