ClearView Performance Dashboard

The purpose of this program is to develop and convey a precise understanding of how “success” is defined, both in terms of short-term performance and longer-term organizational health, and to develop an aligned measurement system for tracking change on what matters most.

The ClearView development module employs a blend of balanced scorecard, Hoshin planning (cascading goals), and activity-based costing theory to optimally deploy organizational resources. The dashboard is the end link in a chain that includes organizational mission, values, vision, strategy and metrics.

The module will help managers and senior leaders clearly define “success” for themselves and their organizations, in terms of balanced success that delivers both short-term performance as well as sustainable organizational health.

The module has as its foundation a broad stakeholder model of performance described in LeadFirst’s business best-selling book, Firms Of Endearment (Wharton Business Press, 2007). This broad stakeholder framework includes five stakeholders depicted by the acronym S-P-I-C-E: Society, Partner/Supplier, Investor, Customer/Client, and Employee.

The S-P-I-C-E stakeholder model
  • Developing the ClearView dashboard from the existing hierarchy of organizational statements (Mission, Values, Vision, Strategy Statement)
  • “Wiring” the ClearView dashboard
  • Incorporating the Dashboard into management routines

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