Change management is among the most significant barriers to successful transactions and restructurings. In LeadFirst’s experience, failure to recognize and effectively manage people issues in the context of organizational change has a direct and negative impact on business outcomes. These include lost revenue and/or long delays in capturing the intended value of the deal or restructuring strategy.

Failure to proactively address change management issues typically results in:
Private Equity Operating Partner
  • Decreased employee engagement, productivity and performance
  • Resistance to change, tension and poor morale among the workforce
  • Misunderstandings about what is and what is not important to the organization
  • Slow execution of the transaction or turnaround
  • Defection of key leadership and other top talent

The antidote to these value-eroding outcomes is the proactive management of messaging, change management, and organizational cultural aspects such that the workforce is aligned with business strategy and customer focus. Organizations that do this report higher levels of transaction success.

LeadFirst helps clients address change management through proven and practical processes that:
  • Identify the behavior sets that are critical to successful integration, post-deal and restructuring business results
  • Determine the drivers that reinforce those behaviors
  • Design and implement those drivers throughout the transition and holding period
  • Identify the organizational cultural similarities and differences between the parties involved, and how these may help or hinder transaction success when two or more businesses are being brought together
  • Track the success of change through regular pulse checks and quickly address problems
To get the most value out of the transaction, deal and operational teams must have clear and structured plans to address change across employee populations. If those plans are available on Day 1, organizations will more quickly capture anticipated deal value.
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