Gerard F. McDonough
Could LeadFirst be the place for you? For those who want to leave an indelible, positive mark on commercial and organizational performance, develop the next generation of organizational leaders in a uniquely principled way, be a "difference-maker" in a revered and thriving firm, LeadFirst offers a professional and personal experience second to none.

Our people are independent of spirit and comfortable exhibiting leadership, even if this means being a bit contrarian. We’re the type of people who enjoy finding our own way and sticking to our principles, even when it means being in the minority. We believe our independence and individuality are a source of strength and provides significant value to our clients. That's why all of our people policies focus on identifying, developing and rewarding each consultant’s individual qualities and contributions, and helping them to find their own path within LeadFirst and beyond.

As Chief Executive Officer, my primary role is to help our staff and consultants identify a development path that allows them to thrive and build a long-term career at LeadFirst. I have learned that all of our people, no matter how talented and ambitious, still have three fundamental needs: (1) to feel valued and appreciated for what they do; (2) to learn and develop in the way and at the pace that’s right for them; and (3) to achieve a sustainable and fulfilling work-life balance. I am committed to, and accountable for, ensuring that our leadership creates an environment in which all of our people’s experiences meet these standards.

I encourage you to explore this section of the Web site and determine if LeadFirst is right for you. If it is, I’d like to hear from you.

Gerard F. McDonough
Chief Executive Officer
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