Business Acumen

This program is designed to equip participants with skills and perspectives for driving their businesses forward with improved business judgment and confidence. Improving business judgment requires both business and financial acumen, both of which are addressed in this program.

Business acumen involves a management perspective on the business – a focus on what really matters to leaders of the firm and how they look at the world. This is, by definition, a highly customized element of the program. Through pre-program interviews with participants, LeadFirst ensures that the key drivers of the business – a more sophisticated view of what is most important – are explored with particular emphasis on what it means to each level or role.

Financial acumen refers to the ability to factor financial literacy into the equation – in a way that is specific to the issues of participants. In this program, participants learn the key financial measures in your industry/sector, including those especially relevant to your organization’s stakeholders. They learn to think and speak about the financial dimensions of the enterprise in a way that leads to better judgment and greater credibility.

Sub-topics include:
  • Your organization’s perspective on business acumen, including financial dynamics (custom designed)
  • Business Acumen: The essential ingredients of business judgment – group exercise with case study
  • Business Drivers in your organization (custom designed)
  • Financial Acumen, including:

  • The “flow” of business and money within your organization and its sub-organizations
  • Demystifying financial terms
  • Business metrics that matter: Financial literacy

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