Building Organizational Culture: Executive Signaling Skills

There is clear and growing evidence of the causal relationship between orgnizational culture and financial performance. This program enables leaders to leverage this connection to measure and manage organizational culture for significant and sustainable improvements in performance at the individual, group and enterprise levels.

This program involves the implementation of an organizational culture measurement system, called Diialog, prior to the workshop. The results of this assessment are analyzed in-depth during the workshop and are used to create an action plan for promoting a high performance culture that drives business success. This program’s fundamental value is in enabling leaders and their organizations to define organizational culture with great precision and to measure it period over period as the highly valuable asset it is. As a result of this program leaders are able to:
  • Behaviorally and precisely define their Ideal/Future state of organizational culture
  • Accurately and rigorously assess their Current/Actual organizational culture
  • Use these measures to define gaps between the Ideal and Actual cultures
  • Identify, with statistical rigor, the highest payoff actions and initiatives most correlated with closing their specific cultural gaps
  • Develop a multi-generational plan for measuring, achieving and sustaining higher organizational performance
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