Perspective On Leadership

Perspective On Leadership is the first stage of LeadFirst’s award-winning leader development process for experienced and high-potential managers. This leader development process is rated #1 by experienced managers from some of the world’s most admired companies including Wal-Mart, Bank of America, Coca-Cola Consolidated, ACE Hardware, American Airlines and Family Dollar Stores.

LeadFirst has refined this leadership process with more than 30,000 experienced managers, worldwide, during its 33-year history. Perspective On Leadership will help seasoned managers:
  • Improve decision quality 50% to 200%
  • Quickly recognize the leadership styles of associates and how to most effectively interact with them
  • Measurably improve employee discretionary effort, commitment and enthusiasm
  • Identify inherent personality and other character traits that restrain, or promote, leadership effectiveness
  • Develop the skills to be an “out-front,” highly effective, situational leader
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