Accelerating Team Performance

ATP is an impact intervention designed for serious team-building. During the intervention, LeadFirst will assess the way in which team members interact with one another and approach problems and decisions. Insights into these interaction styles enable teams to identify what they need to do to work together more effectively and achieve synergy—that is, to ensure that their interactive efforts have a greater impact than the sum of their individual efforts.

ATP is appropriate for temporary or permanent groups, committees, boards of directors, or strategy teams responsible for solving problems, making decisions and allocating enterprise resources. ATP is most frequently used to:
  • Enhance the impact of team-building sessions based on survival or business simulations
  • Assess the styles and processes of teams as they work to solve “real-world” problems
  • Improving team dynamics to enhance the quality of team decisions
  • Increase members’ satisfaction with their teams
  • Integrate team development with individual, leadership, and organizational development
Metrics That Matter Brief Description of Applicable Metrics
Participant Reaction, Satisfaction, & Planned Action Measures team member’s reactions to the program and outlines specific plans for implementation.
Learning Measures skills, knowledge, or attitude changes.
Application & Implementation Measures changes in on-the-job behavior and specific application and implementation.
Business Impact Measures business impact of the intervention.
Return on Investment (ROI) Compares the monetary value of the results with the costs for the intervention, usually expressed as a percentage.
Employee Productivity Improvement As measured by change in per capita sales, EBITDA or Market Capitalization from Time 1 to Time 2.
Employee Retention Unplanned employee attrition reduction from Time 1 to Time 2, including a financial impact calculation.
Culture Assessment Results Time 1 baseline to Time 2 re-measure on Diialog Organizational Culture PROfile.
Decision Effectiveness Improvement Time 1 baseline to Time 2 re-measure of decision quality, velocity, execution and friction.
Team Cohesion and Effectiveness Time 1 baseline to Time 2 re-measure on Team Alignment, Communication, Conflict Management, Innovation, Process, Team Orientation, and Trust
Key Stakeholder Testimonials Stakeholder verbatim regarding observed behavior change and/or business improvement.
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