Polarity Management, Problem Solving & Decision Making

The process and techniques in this program help leaders and managers make the best decisions possible with the information they have available. Participants will learn how to identify the real issue or problem being addressed, identify multiple alternative solutions, map out the likely consequences of each, consider various forms or risk (strategic, operational, reputation, financial) and choose the best courses of action.

Effective decisions require critical thinking that is both creative and highly analytical. This program teaches participants to use proven critical thinking techniques for applying the right kind of analysis at the right time in the decision-making process.

The module begins with the development of a time-tested Decision Process and continues with skills development with powerful decision-support tools, including, Critical Thinking (convergent and divergent thinking), Pareto Analysis, Paired Comparison Analysis, and other decision making and problem solving tools.

The program progresses through the following stages:

  • The Decision-Making Environment
  • The Decision Process
  • Critical Thinking
  • Decision Biases
  • Decision Support
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