Becoming A Trusted Advisor

This program enables managers at all levels to engage customers, internal and external alike, as Trusted Advisors rather than as mere suppliers. In today’s business environment, nearly everyone has a role in finding, winning or keeping customers, either through direct customer contact or in support of those who have it. This module is tailored to the participants’ specific roles and types of customers with whom they engage.

It teaches participants the fundamentals of collaborative engagement with customers. It is based on the idea that persuasion is more about understanding and listening than it is about telling. Becoming a Trusted Advisor is rooted in the concept of customer value. The better we can understand the customer’s needs and what they truly value in the relationship with our organization, the better able we are to articulate and deliver that value.

As a result of Becoming a Trusted Advisor, participants will be able to:
  • View selling and customer engagement as a process rather than a series of isolated events
  • Establish credibility and a foundation of trust with internal and external customers
  • Ask questions to uncover and fully understand their customers’ business drivers, wants and needs
  • Demonstrate understanding of the customers business challenges
  • Articulate value in a way that is relevant and compelling to the customer
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